Exercise 2

a) The advantages of conventional shopping are that you can buy and get the items you want instantly, and you can go personally to the shop to ask information if you have problems. The disavvantages are that you have to phisically go to the shop, and waste your time on the road if you live far away, and the price usually are higher. But, if you buy online you don’t have to move from your home, and the price usually are lower. Sometime also the custermer satisfation is higher from online shops. But you have to wait to receive the product and if you don’t pay attention you can incur a scam.

b) Yes, my family and me shop online, we use amazon the most of the time and we buy all sort of stuff, from clothes, car and auto accessories, food and chancellery.


1) Do companies spend more or less in Advertisement nowdays?
Companies nowdays spend less in advertisement, because most of the ads are carried out though the WEB.

2) Do you think that online shopping can be convenient for private customers? What about companies? Can it be risky? Is payment secure?
Online shopping is convenient for private customers, and also for companies, because most of the time is cheaper buy online and more convenient. It can be risky, but if you pay attention you will not be in trouble. Payments are always secure, but you have to pay attention where you put your credit card information.

3) Make a list of advantages and disadvantages of shopping online for private customers and for companies?
Pros: Cheap, Fast, Wide choice, time convenient.
Cons: Shipping time, complicated for some user.

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