Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses


Explain the risks and consequences of different types of PC viruses

Virus: are transmitted via websites, email and digital devices. They can lock your PC or delete important files.

Trojan horses: are hidden within a harmless-locking file, they try to trick the user to install malicius software, like spyware or adware.

Worms: They try to replicate themselves on the computer, and once loaded they start to send emails from your computer without your knowledge.

How cybercriminals infect your PC with malicioious software? What for? How do they use the stolen information?

Cybercriminals try to infect your PC getting you to download malicioious software from email, sms and website. They try to stole your credit card information and home banking account trying to get your money.

How do you recognize a virus? Are there any tips to give to users?

It is very difficult to recognize a virus, sometimes they have a suspicious filename or extension. To avoid these viruses you don’t have to download attachments from emails of strangers or that you did not expect to receive. Don’t download software from suspicious website and use an updated antivirus.

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